Nutrition For Weight Loss

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Nutrition For Weight Loss

Top tips for taking it off!

• It is not about being on a diet. The healthiest way to lose weight is slowly.

• Use the BMR (Basal metabolic Rate) calculator to work out how many calories you need to stay the same weight. To lose a healthy 1 ½ -2 lb per week you will need to reduce this calorie intake by 250 calories and burn 250 calories per day.

• Follow the guidelines of the “Eatwell Plate” This shows us the different food groups that make up our diet and the portion sizes we should eat to follow a healthy balanced diet for life!

• Eat breakfast and never skip meals.

• Eat more often to avoid a completely empty stomach, which may have you running for the nearest food! Plan your meals and divide your three meals into four or five small meals, spaced about 3 hours apart.

• Choose carbohydrates carefully. Steer clear of carbohydrates that have little nutritional value, such as sugar, soft drinks, confectionary, biscuits and cakes. These foods are quickly turned into glucose by the body and the influx of glucose causes a rapid rise in insulin which will then lead to a glucose ‘crash’ leaving you feeling hungry in no time.

• Opt for carbohydrates found in wholegrain foods as well as in vegetables and fruit.

• Watch out for low fat foods. Some low fat foods are high in sugar! A portion of low fat food may contain as many calories as the higher fat alternative.

• Downsize your portions. We have become used to larger portions both at home and when we eat out! Use a smaller plate for your meal.

• Drink plenty of fluids especially water. Fluids quench your thirst and reduce your appetite as well. When you are feeling hungry it may be that you are thirsty so have a glass of water!

• Treat yourself once in a while. Have a small portion of your favourite high- calorie food so that you don’t feel that you have to miss out! Otherwise you may end up binging!

• Look in the mirror. Its not just about weight loss. Remember while you are exercising you are losing fat and adding muscle. Therefore your weight may remain the same for a while. Check out your dress size, notch on your belt and your reflection in the mirror!

• Cut back on saturated fat from your diet. Replace some of the meat you eat with a vegetarian alternative, such as nuts, beans or soya based foods. Remove the skin of chicken before you cook it and choose fish instead of meat for some of your meals. Choose lean cuts and trim any visible fat away!

The ‘Eatwell’ Plate

Infographic showing the eatwell plate