Nutrition For Weight Gain

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Nutrition For Weight Gain

Additional energy is the key to an increase in weight gain and an increase in muscle mass. This can be achieved by eating sufficient protein (1.4 – 1.8g of protein x your body weight in kg per day and although protein is used by the body to support the new tissue, an adequate amount of carbohydrates is also necessary to provide your body with energy to train. Inadequate energy intake will slow down the rate of increase in lean body mass.

• Follow a high energy diet that promotes the gain of lean body mass.

• Follow an appropriate resistance training programme that promotes muscle development and growth.

• Set realistic goals! An increase of 2-4kg per month is achievable.

• Increase food intake to an additional of 500-1000 kcal/day. This additional food should supply enough carbohydrate to fuel the training sessions and enough protein and micronutrients for the development and support of new tissue.

• Add nutritious high carbohydrate snacks which include a small amount of protein e.g. milkshake, tuna or peanut butter sandwiches are ideal between meals especially after a training session.

• Nutritious fluids such as milk, milk shakes, yogurts and fruit smoothies, provide a source of energy and nutrients that can be easily consumed with meals or before and after training sessions.

• Ensure your diet is balanced and follows the guidelines of the “Eatwell Plate.”

The ‘Eatwell’ Plate

Infographic showing the eatwell plate