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ane Lewis is passionate about enhancing the lives of people by providing quality training and exercise classes.

Pilates is a beginners class that provides the mind,body and sole with a complete workout from head to toe using predominantly your own body weight with minimal equipment. It is a safe and effective way to exercise and all exercises are accessible to all. Using the principles of Pilates these classes will help to improve your strength, endurance, core stability and flexibility whilst promoting bodily awareness and sequential control. 

Each class begins by practising good posture and alignment , lateral breathing and core engagement.  Each exercise will be led by its own pattern of breathing to ensure optimum engagement of the stabilising muscles.  Core engagement plays and essential role in the control and movement of the body. In Pilates each exercise begins focusing the attention on the core and  then allowing the movement to flow outwards to the limbs to complete the exercise with precision.  

In this beginners class, each exercise given can be modified and all exercises are  practicable to everyone. 




Jane's Pathway to Pilates

Jane knows first hand how Pilates can improve core strength and posture.

In 2017 Jane underwent spinal surgery to help alleviate the pain she was suffering from in her lower back and  down her left leg, due to disc degeneration.  Over the past 20 years Jane has managed her condition by keeping fit and active but finally got to the point where she was struggling to cope.  Jane was referred to Mr Martin Knight, a highly skilled surgeon at the Spinal Foundation in London, who specialises in degenerative disc disease.   During her consultation at Harley Street Mr Knight discussed what procedure would be best. It was decided that Jane would have fehrfix inserted into L4 to rehydrate and lift the disc increasing the space for the nerves to pass through with the hope of reducing some of the nerve pain that had been occuring.

After her procedure Mr Knight informed her that over the past 20 years there had been some severe nerve damage as he had to  release a nerve that was trapped between a tendon  and the facet joint and this would take some time to heal up.  Jane was devastated to say the least .

Mr Knight insisted that Jane take up Pilates and Reformer Pilates as part of her recovery program, knowing that this would be the best form of exercise for her rehabilitation.

Jane was not going to ignore the advice of this surgeon who is top of his field.

After the initial 6 weeks of physio exercises and minimal walking. (yes this did do Jane’s head in) Jane began a structured reformer pilates programme and joined a pilates class for beginners.

2 years down the line Jane is back to work as a Personal Trainer.  and was so amazed at the difference Pilates has made that she took her qualifications in  Pilates  so she could use her knowledge  and share her own experiences in order to help other people.

Jane is living proof that it works!



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