60+ Fit For Men

60+ Fit is an exercise class for men, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of people over the age of 60 who would like to keep fit but may have limitations due to the ageing process.

Regular physical activity can delay the ageing process by 10-15 years!

This class includes functional exercises to improve everyday life, build and maintain strength , increase flexibility and range of movement and improve core stability that we would otherwise lose, leading to falls and fractures.

Jane will begin by warming you up with mobility exercises and a low impact aerobic exercise such as walking football, or walking games.  This is followed by a resistance and aerobic circuit using light weights.  All exercises are adapted to your capabilities ensuring a safe and effective workout that you will enjoy!


Mondays and Wednesdays


Unit 1 (1st floor) Riverbank Business Park, Whatton-In-The-Vale, NG13 9FX


How To Book.

Use the booking system on this page to book into the classes you would like to attend.  Then to secure your place please pay by Direct Transfer for your membership.  See Terms and Conditions for payment details.

Secure Your Place

Download Medical Forms

Before training with Jane Lewis Fitness, you must download and fill out the forms on the Medical Forms page.

Equipment Needed

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